Introducing Smart Mirror AI (SMAI)

The New Touchscreen Interface for your Home

Smart Mirror Installation Guide
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Introducing Smart Mirror AI

Build your own Raspberry Pi Powered Surveillance IoT camera with Face recognition - access your live feed from any device.

SMAI Face Detection

Magic Mirror Modules

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SMAI Installation Guide

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Create profiles to personalise your Mirror preferences

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What You'll need

Introducing Smart Mirror AI (SMAI). The very first interactive personalized integrated interface.

With SMAI, you can now keep track of your daily tasks, control your home appliances through its touch interface. With its facial recognition, you can now load up your personalized information - ranging from your daily commute to your daily health goals.

The application is endless. Devices and industries are getting smarter, It's time to bring our households into the future.

Face Detection Module

Magic Mirror Facial Recognition Module Guest
Magic Mirror Facial Recognition Module

Simply stand in front of your camera module enabled Magic Mirror and trigger any event e.g lights.

Smart Mirror Part List

Part ListInstallation NotesConfiguring FaceID

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (2GB +)

Power Supply

Two-Way Mirror

Raspberry Pi Camera

Micro SD

Micro HDMI Cable


IR Frame

Try out the Smart Mirror AI (Beta) face detection module. It’s as simple as downloading the image and writing to your SD card for your Raspberry Pi 4.

Smart Mirror AI Beta (1.0) includes:

Pre-requisites: This beta only supports Raspberry Pi 4.
Visit the smart mirror Github repo, on how to add your face your Magic Mirror

Face Recognition Module:
1) Note: Ensure you have a Raspberry Pi Camera Module attached to the Pi - and enabled via sudo raspi-config. 

On start-up: The Face Detection model would automatically run on start without Keyboard input(Use CTRL + M to minimise mirror interface)

As this module is still under development, we recommend not updating the face recognition module if you're downloading the beta face recognition image.

2) Changing your profile:

  • The beta version of this module is restricted to only 1 user.

Go into the directory (preferably via GUI)

cd /home/pi/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-Face-Recognition-SMAI/public

Replace the two .png with your face.Whilst keeping the same naming format.
Using the below naming convention.

  • face.png
  • -id.png e.g Tony-id.png - The is what would be displayed on the display, being Tony.

Watch your faceID pop up on display every-time you're detected. Using this you could build your
own applications.

3) Removing Python Face recognition autostart:

Multiple scripts accessing the camera would result in this error:

picamera.exc.PiCameraMMALError: Camera component couldn't be enabled: Out of resources (other than memory)

In order to deactivate the autostart of (in LXTerminal at boot). 
Go to the Pi directory, Right-click, show hidden files, and open up .bashrc

sudo nano /home/pi/.bashrc

Remove the line at the bottom. This is what autostarts at boot:
sudo python3 /home/pi/dlib/build/face_recognition/examples/